how exploring humanity began:

Hi! I'm Ingrid. A while back, I solicited my friends to help me. I asked: "How do you see my travels?" My friends answered with various thoughts, but the common thread behind their responses was I like to meet new people when I travel.  

And they were right. I thrive on listening to, writing about, and photographing the stories of local people around the world. A five-star eatery may be one of the best, but if I don't take the time to create a friendly, emotional connection with the chef, waiter, patron, or owner the restaurant is not memorable for me.  

So, my editorial scope for Exploring Humanity is simple: to contextualize Exploring Humanity with the stories of real people living their everyday lives around the world.

My photography and writing PHILOSOPHY:

My philosophy is to capture visual and written narratives about people through authentic, deliberate, sustainable travel experiences. As a professional photographer and writer, I prefer to travel at a reasonable pace. Slowing down while traveling elevates the strength of my creative voice and establishes life-affirming friendships with the local culture allowing me to use that connection to provide you with the best possible narrative.

As a content creator, I specialize in Cultural and Heritage Media within the travel and humanitarian industry. You will find my portfolio site here (currently being updated).

Contact me. I look forward to giving a voice to your compelling travel stories through photography and writing. 


MY PROFESSIONAL story & experience:

I have been photographing everyday life for over ten years, with the last four years specializing in Cultural and Heritage Media. My photography style documents candid, unscripted moments. I have a natural ability to place people at ease when photographing them, helping me to capture authentic moments. My photo-editing process is minimal to keep the integrity of the moments I am documenting.

I started travel writing within the last five years. My favorite form of writing is long-form narrative, but have crafted listicles and guides for publications, too. I run all of my writing through an editing platform before submission, and I also work with a professional editor for reference, when needed.

I take continuing education seriously. Each year, I attend conferences, writing retreats, take online photography and writing courses, and read a plethora of books on business and my craft.


You will find a list of past and current collaborations here.

current affiliations:

  • Professional Photographers of America

  • NATJA Member

  • Matador Creators Community

  • The Vision-Driven Facebook Community hosted by David DuChemin

  • AOPA

  • Travel Massive

  • Bloggerbridge

Final Note:

I connect easily with others. During a press trip to the Czech Republic, one guide said, "We have had a lot of photographers come through our tour, but I have never seen one that puts people at ease as you do."

I look forward to hearing from you.


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