About me & exploring humanity:

Hi! I'm Ingrid McQuivey, and I live in the Pacific Northwest in Washington State. My husband, Dave, and I are two and a half years from being empty-nesters. We have three active sons and two old dogs.

A while back, I solicited my friends to help me. I asked: "How do you see my travels?" My friends answered with various thoughts, but the common thread behind their responses was I like to meet new people when I travel.  

And they were right. I thrive on listening to, writing about, and photographing the stories of local people around the world. A five-star eatery may be one of the best, but if I don't take the time to create a friendly, emotional connection with the chef, waiter, patron, or owner the restaurant is not memorable for me.  

My editorial scope for Exploring Humanity is simple: to contextualize Exploring Humanity with the stories of real people living their everyday lives around the world.

You will also find quick tips and “What To Do” articles about travel and the Pacific Northwest. I wish I could name a specialty for you… that I will only be posting about quaint shops or outdoor adventures in the Pacific Northwest, but I can’t choose only one thing to highlight.

As a friend once said to me after I picked up a bug, “Ingrid, that’s what I love about you. One minute you can be such a girl, then the next minute, you are picking up a bug with your hands.” So, because I’m half tomboy and part girly-girl, you will have to endure through kayaking and tea shops. If you have recommendations for Pacific Northwest adventures, feel free to email me. I look forward to hearing from you!

My few of my hobbies and likes:

  • Sustainable Tourism

  • Cultural & Heritage Photography & Writing

  • Storytelling

  • Student Pilot

  • Soft Adventure

  • Traveling with my husband, Dave (he is an excellent golfer)

  • Humanitarian Photography

  • Flatwater or River (mild) Kayaking

  • Small Towns

  • Drinking Tea and Antique Shops

  • Classic Literature

  • Bed and Breakfast/Locally-run Tourism Spots

    Please note: I do not drink alcohol or coffee, but will promote businesses that support the local economy, including wineries, breweries, and coffee shops.

My photography & writing philosophy:

My philosophy is to capture visual and written narratives about people through authentic, deliberate, sustainable travel experiences. As a professional photographer and writer, I prefer to travel at a reasonable pace. Slowing down while traveling elevates the strength of my creative voice and establishes life-affirming friendships with the local culture allowing me to use that connection to provide you with the best possible narrative.

As a content creator, I specialize in Cultural and Heritage Media within the travel and humanitarian industry. You will find my portfolio site here (currently being updated).

Contact me. I look forward to giving a voice to your compelling travel stories through photography and writing. 


My experience:

I have been photographing everyday life for over ten years, with the last four years specializing in Cultural and Heritage Media. My photography style documents candid, unscripted moments. I have a natural ability to place people at ease when photographing them, helping me to capture authentic moments. My photo-editing process is minimal to keep the integrity of the moments I am documenting.

I started travel writing within the last five years. My favorite form of writing is long-form narrative, but have crafted listicles and guides for publications, too. I run all of my writing through an editing platform before submission, and I also work with a professional editor for reference, when needed.

I take continuing education seriously. Each year, I attend conferences, writing retreats, take online photography and writing courses, and read a plethora of books on business and my craft.


You will find a list of past and current collaborations here.

current affiliations:

  • Professional Photographers of America

  • Matador Creators Community

  • The Vision-Driven Facebook Community hosted by David DuChemin

  • AOPA

  • Travel Massive

  • Bloggerbridge

Final Note:

I connect easily with others. During a press trip to the Czech Republic, one guide said, "We have had a lot of photographers come through our tour, but I have never seen one that puts people at ease as you do."

I look forward to hearing from you!

Ingrid McQuivey; www.exploringhumanity.org

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